Welding is a process for permanent joining of materials. It is achieved by using high temperature appropriate for a type of welded material. The principle underlying welding has not changed for years; only machines used for this purpose are different today. Multipoint welding machines are used for resistance welding of bars made of low-carbon steel. These machines are usually custom-constructed and configured, tailored to individual needs of entrepreneurs. Depending on the requirements, welding machines can be powered by direct or alternating current. EVG uses the IGBT welding system. The welding process itself is computer-controlled by operating panel. Welding machines can be used to weld wire to form industrial mats or reinforcement mats, as well as lattice girders for production of filigran type and other floorings. Welding machines are also used for production of deck grating used for construction of stairs, platforms, or platform walkways for workers. These are modern machines for special applications, from which high precision is required in the production process.

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